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Move the loos or change the menu?
We know through our experience, that throwing money at the problem is seldom, if ever, the answer. More often than not, it's about rethinking - or even simply tweaking - what you're already doing or what you already have.

The two big issues...
If your business is anything like many we've seen, we know that two areas of concern for restaurateurs are increasing the cover count and improving the GP. The Restaurant Doctor has spent many hours debating and analysing how to increase both. We know what needs to be done and how to do it. But there is more to life than footfall and gross profit. In fact, the combined experience of the Restaurant Doctors encompasses all the disciplines and skills required to run a successful restaurant, including:

• Current Situation Analysis
• Positioning your product to meet the market's requirements
• Identifying your market and quantifying its needs
• Assessing your (and your competitors')
strengths and weaknesses
• Finding the most effective and affordable
ways to market your product
• Raising working capital
• Developing and pricing the menu and the wine list
• Getting and maintaining the gross profit you need
• Negotiating better terms with your suppliers
• Finding key people
• Training your current personnel - front and back of house
• Implementing financial and management controls
so you can keep on top of your business and know
where it's going...
• Using technology to stay ahead
• Kitchen and Restaurant Design

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